About Us

Palm Apartment Buyers is a real estate investment company which primarily focuses on small to medium sized apartment buildings in Southern California

Palm Apartment Buyers focuses on small to medium sized multifamily properties in need of light to medium value add work, in which we improve the exterior, interior or management of the property to generate higher net incomes, thereby leading to a higher valuation of the property. Holding periods typically range from 6 to 36 months depending on how much work is needed on the property, but we are always open to a sale for quick profits for our investors, as soon as property is put under contract by our group.

Through our unique marketing strategies, we are able to connect directly with owners and find off market deals where we offer owners savings on closing costs, ease of transaction and flexibility so that sellers may 1031 exchange into another property. Sellers appreciate these reasons and prefer to work with us rather than sell on the retail market which can have issues with appraisals, financing, picky buyers requesting small fixes on the property, and other issues to slow down the sale and in the end net them less money because of broker commissions, escrow, title fees and more.

Through these methods, we have transacted hundreds of apartment buildings benefitting owners and our investors that partner with us.

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" Achievements are measured based on the success of the sellers we work with, our employees, and our investors. Our team is committed to providing ease of transaction to a seller, great returns for our investors, business partners, and improved properties for our community.
Tom Kadar